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The Aslanim story goes back a few years. To the year of 1999 was when our journey with Dobermanns began.

Aslanim first gained a registered status with the Kennel Club in 2013. Furthermore our first imported dog came from Poland later on that same year. As a kennel our mission is training dogs and assuring the breed thrives to become the best it can. With selective breeding, we are making sure our litters are contributing to bettering the Dobermann lines and assuring all high standards of the breed are maintained.

The passion for training has rewarded us with many outstanding dogs including our very special 13 year old Junior, who although retired still has the mentality of an outstanding working dog.

In 2016 we started expanding into international shows. First dog we have shown internationally was breed by ourselves Aslanim Serafimi Aero.

The story has only just began and there is more to come soon...

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